Change in the line-up!

We know that we have been saying that FREED was going to be the first release, but…. SURPRISE!!!   We will be releasing a VR game, centered in the same universe called Black Cube, sometime late 2018/ early 2019.  Stay tuned for more details as the roll-out on this one will be fast.

Rook, Mobile Games and Your Data

Exciting things are happening here at Rook Games. While we’re continuing to work on Freed (trailer coming soon), we are also developing a few cool ways to bring the world of the game to life. What does that look like? Augmented Reality mobile apps!

We’re working on an exciting mobile app that will let you project some of the spaceships from our game onto a real-world surface. You’ll get a feel for the world of Freed and be able to impress your friends by placing an AR spaceship on your desk, table, or floor. Who doesn’t want that?

The app will have no micro-transactions or hidden fees. Subscribe to the blog or follow us on Twitter to get an update as soon as it’s released!

We All Start Somewhere


For you (if you decide to play our game anyway), this will be your starting point.  While the game will be primarily story-line driven, we are trying to make the universe the story takes place in as alive and large as possible.  We aren’t saying you will find something interesting if you wonder off of the beaten path, most of the time you won’t.  But sometimes, you might just get lucky and find something.  Or you could die of exposure, we really don’t care which it is.